Tiki Animal Rescue was founded by Seth, Annette and Geoff- a bunch of people who met in the rescue world and partnered up to help save the lives man’s best friend.

Beginning in 2015, it all started with one lost and skinny foster dog and transformed into what it is today. Hundreds of dogs and a few cats in their new homes, loved and cherished with more every week being saved and placed safely into foster care around the Central Coast / Newcastle and Lower Hunter Valley region of NSW.

We provide a loving and safe foster home for each animal where they experience love, quality food and vet work and also training before heading off to their new home. Our dogs are not in cages and we are not a shelter based system.

Every animal in care is seen to by our vets and included in their adoption fee is their microchip, vaccinations, desexing and monthly up to date worming/ heartworm/ flea and tick treatments.

We stand by our life time contract with every animal adopted out by us and handle an open line of communication with each adopter when there is an issue. We take back our dogs at all times when circumstances change in their adoptive homes and will retrain if needed and adopt out these animals when they’re ready once again.

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