Quick Info

Breed: Labrador x

Size: Large

Sex: Male

DOB: 22nd April,2022

Desexed: Yes

Adoption Fee: $600

Leaping tall buildings with a single bound, well 5 or 6 steps at least…is Arthur, ready to bounce his way into your heart.  Stating the obvious, he is super handsome and just as super good natured too. Those big puppy eyes really know how to melt your heart and then he lays his big boof head on your lap and he’s got you right where he wants you. Arthur is still only a baby, we estimate about 1 yr old so already a big boy at 30kg he will probably fill out a little more. He does everything with lots of enthusiasm and gusto but with a little work, ongoing training and patience he has the potential to be amazing. He understands and mostly listens to all basic commands, his excitement to get to where he’s going gets in the way at times and he can be a bit rough so he is definitely not suited for toddlers or children not comfortable around dogs going into his new home, this will improve with training of course.  Arthur can be a very sensitive young man and he is scared of new things, he just needs patience and encouragement while he works out he’ll be ok in new situations and then he’s back to being his super confident self. He still needs lead work but is improving daily, he’s happy being left with other dogs as company outside during the day and would be better suited to having at least one doggy companion, ideally more mature than he is to show him the ropes. Arthur must be allowed inside with his family when they are home and to sleep inside. An active, loving family who’ll include him in all of their adventures is what we’re looking for, for this stunning young man