Quick Info

Breed: Japanese Spitz x Maltese

Size: Small

Sex: Male

DOB: 5th January 2009

Desexed: Yes

Adoption Fee: $200

Beau is definitely not your typical Tiki doggo but his story is much the same as most others.  Abandoned in an overnight cage in a rural pound, this tiny tyke of mature years was discarded in an unfamiliar and scary environment which it is for most, let alone when you’re 3.5 kg, 13 years of age with diminished eyesight and the attitude of a crocodile.  He was scared and his response to his fear is to snap at everything and everyone, no teeth means no injuries luckily, but he needs gentle, very calm handling as he can go from zero to 100 in a split second.  He is very nervous and loud noises and sudden movements send him scuttling

Fast forward after being in care for a bit and we have found out a few things about Beau… he craves love and cuddles, loves to be stroked but on his terms only and no sudden movements. He is a true foodie and loves his tucker with BBQ chicken being absolutely on top of his list. He loves to run around in the yard, doing his own form of zoomies which usually involves him losing his balance and falling over, he is starting to interact and play with us in his own funny, clumsy way. Beau spends most of his time during the day curled up in a comfy bed, snoozing peacefully, if his person is home, your lap is his preferred snuggling spot. He is nervous on a lead so as long as he has a small yard to run, sniff and spin around in, his exercise needs will be met. He sleeps inside of course and needs brushing several times a week to keep his coat from matting, which he tolerates if you go gentle. Beau is not a barker, he leaves that for the lessor pooches, he can squeak loudly tho if he thinks you’re too slow getting his meals. He understands toileting is for outside and will always go outside if you take him but doesn’t always find his own way out there. Beau is fine with his foster siblings and would cope with another dog in the home as long as they respect his need for space.  Beau is a funny little guy with oodles of personality and still has plenty of spring in his step. He is looking for a very calm home, no young children and someone home often to give him lots of love and cuddling.  If you think you can provide that for this little guy and be prepared to cop some attitude for your troubles, please pop in an application to arrange to meet him