Quick Info

Breed: Dane/Mastiff x

Size: Large

Sex: Male

DOB: 10 Apr 2017

Desexed: Yes

Adoption Fee: $500

Bob is an amazing 4 1/2 year old Great Dane/Mastiff boy and if you are looking for a loving, loyal and devoted best friend then he is for you.   He’s super well behaved and very well mannered.  He woowoos happily when he sees you approaching him and does a little spinning dance when his dinner is coming but sits beautifully and calmly when he is being served.   He’s not a big barker but when he does people will know he is there.

Bob just wants to be around his people and loves to hang inside with you when you’re home but he’s a really good boy and happy to remain outside when no one is home.  He is really well behaved inside and is happy to chill on the lounge or a nice comfy bed near you.  As with all Tiki dogs Bob must be allowed to sleep inside, he is crate trained but would happily sleep on a bed by himself or in yours…

This beautiful big boy just loves people and gravitates towards anyone for cuddles when he’s out and about. He’s very friendly and very gentle apart from his big, clumsy feet when he accidentally steps on you lol.  He loves to lay with his head in your lap getting ear scratches.

He’s not super active and a good sniffing stroll daily would make him very happy but he loves a car ride and loves to explore new places, I have a feeling he’ll enjoy the water too but we haven’t had the opportunity to test him out yet.  He would do well with another doggy companion, for all his big boofy size he’s rather a big sook and even though he doesn’t necessarily seek out other dogs company, it comforts him that he has a companion.  He is super friendly with other dogs and plays very nicely with them, he’s been living with 3 other dogs all smaller than him and he is great with all of them.

He is a big boy but he’s so well behaved that he would suit most households, he is untested with cats but he’d probably be more scared of them than they of him. Given his gentle nature I believe he would be suited with kids but he hasn’t been tested while in care.

If you think Bob would fit in well with your family, pop your details in an application to us and Bob will consider his options

Bob is located in Raymond Terrace NSW and will be looking for homes in NSW or ACT only.
No interstate adoptions please.
No apartments please.

Rentals must have written permission already organised before applying and all applications must attach clear photos of the fencing and yard.

Rehoming Organisation Number: R25100090