Quick Info

Breed: Miniature Fox Terrior

Size: Small

Sex: Male

DOB: 5th May, 2016

Desexed: Yes

Adoption Fee: $350.00

Looking for a lap dog that also loves to play? Look no further… meet Deano!
Deano’s a tiny 3.5 kg man with tons of personality. Deano was much loved and very happily living with his Mum & Dad but unfortunately they’ve had to go into care, so now he’s looking for a comfortable retirement home.  Deano loves to play, he will play with balls, stuffies, rope toys…whatever he can get hold of, he’ll chase and play for as long as you let him, he does like to involve you in the chase part too tho. When he’s done playing he’ll lay quietly in his bed close to you or on your lap, if he feels like snuggling. He sleeps in his own bed all night but would happily share yours if you let him.  He’s a great little dude in the car and happily sits or lays while travelling, secured appropriately of course. He’s very easy to walk due to his size and best of all he doesn’t carry on when he sights other dogs and is happy to trot past them without a fuss.  He is looking for a household that’s quieter as that’s what he’s used to, we would consider a family with children over 8 or so but he doesn’t like to be grabbed and wouldn’t appreciate being picked up all the time. He’s an independent little fella! Deano is fine living with his 3 foster siblings, although he doesn’t show much interest in them, he really prefers people, so an only home will work just as well for him. He shows no signs of separation anxiety but is most happy when he’s inside with his people so preferably someone home more often than not. Deano’s pretty much the perfect little companion fella and it will be a lucky family able to call Deano their own. He’s currently based in Raymond Terrace