Quick Info

Breed: Staffy x

Size: Medium

Sex: Male

DOB: 3rd June 2012

Desexed: Yes

Adoption Fee: $300

Regional Pound Rescue Challenge

The first of our SavourLife, Petbarn and City Farmers dogs is ready to start his new adoption adventure.

Our handsome Leroy is ready to start interviewing for his perfect home. We’re looking for a very special home for this amazing almost 10yr young gent. In his twilight years a nice quiet home, comfy, but firm bed (Leroy has let his foster Mum know that he prefers a firm mattress), good food and lots of love is a must.

Leroy is the most loving and super chilled man you could ever hope to meet. He just loves his people and cuddles and snuggles are the most important thing in the world to him very, very closely followed by his love for food. Leroy would be very happy as an only dog with a family that is home more often than not.
He is extremely social with all dogs but we think he would prefer to be the centre of his humans world and he is not really interested in doggy companionship, he just loves his people!
He has plenty of energy and would love a daily walk to stretch his legs and sniff out his surroundings, so don’t let his age scare you! Leroy loves the water too so some dam swims or even beach visits would go down well.

So time for the serious news;
On coming into care Leroy had some nasty looking lumps removed and they were tested and found to be a form of skin cancer (Hemangiosarcoma).The vets assure us they were able to get clean margins with the removal of the lumps but as this type of cancer can sometimes recur it will be essential that he is kept out of the sun as much as possible especially during high UV times to minimise the possibility of a recurrence. So due to this his new home will need to be looking for a more indoor type of doggie.

In the event that it is in Leroy’s best interest, ongoing medical support from Tiki for the cancer recurrence will be provided should this be required but he will need to come back to our clinics for this to occur so we can access the same medical team and rescue assistance.
We are planning though for a good many happy and healthy years to come for Leroy so he isn’t looking for a short term palliative household and assures us he is still happy.

Leroy is untested with cats/ poultry/ pocket pets and livestock so we can’t be sure how he would share his home with these. He hasn’t met any young kids whilst in care so we would safely say kids over the age of 7 years and dog savvy is best suited.

Leroy is located in the Raymond Terrace area and is available for NSW adoption only. His adoption fee is $300 and he’s ready to meet you now.
If you think you’re ready for the amazing opportunity to have Leroy in your life then please complete an application linked below.


Rehoming organisation number: R251000090