Quick Info

Breed: Staffy X

Size: Medium

Sex: Female

DOB: Around 5 years

Desexed: Yes

Adoption Fee: $400

Munna is the quintessential Staffy. Forever affectionate, devoted to family, will follow her people anywhere. Munna found her way to Tiki through no fault of her own when her owner sadly passed away.
Munna has shown to be dog friendly, and has decided that she would like to be in a home where she has another dog for company.
Munna understands basic commands, and will politely sit and wait for her food, she hasn’t really shown any behavioral problems, but she is strong and sometimes a bit stubborn. She likes kids, but maybe a bit too much for real little ones.
Munna is Medium to Large in size (around 27kg) and is around 5 years old.
Unfortunately Munna suffers from allergies, mainly on her paws, we are currently testing different treatments to give her some relief but this takes time and any potential adopter needs to understand that she may need ongoing treatment for the rest of her life in order to give her the quality of life she deserves. Munna will need to have a home that allows her time inside with the family, she’d love to have access to her humans 24/7 but she is quite okay sleeping in a crate, on a dog bed etc, she should adapt well to most living environments so long as she has the care and attention she deserves.