Quick Info

Breed: Dingo

Size: Medium

Sex: Male

DOB: Dec 2022

Desexed: Yes

Adoption Fee: $650.00

Tony is a charming young dingo*, we think about 15 months old.
Nothing is known of his history, as he was dumped in the pound night cages with no chip and no notes. He has adapted well to foster care, and is looking for a dingo-savvy family to live his best life.
He is a beautiful boy, small for breed only weighing 15kg. True to breed, he is timid, but he wants to trust you and with patience will give and receive affection on his own terms.
He has learnt trust in foster care, and just loves to come up for an ear scratch. But he is not a cuddler – that’s just too confining.
He is currently living with 7 host dogs and 2 other foster dogs. He loves his dog family, and especially the ones around his size like the cattle dog and kelpies. Or puppies and other young dogs – he loves to play with those. Tony does very elegant zoomies around the house yard when he is happy.
Not surprisingly, he is interested in the chickens through the fence but takes guidance from the livestock guardian dogs when they tell him to move along.
He is a thief and it’s your fault, not his, if you leave your wallet/handbag/shoes/etc out where he can steal and hide them for later examination. He is not destructive, just curious.
His breed being regarded as only semi-domesticated, he is forever on alert. He needs space to retreat to when he wishes, and good fences. If he is given his space and time you will be rewarded by a highly bonded loving dingo.
Tony’s communication style is quite characteristic of dingoes, with huffs, howls and yodelling and it adds to his unique charm. He has learned something resembling a bark in foster care. He did lead the choir in dingo Xmas carols, and the rest of the dog pack joins in!
Tony possesses a combination of intelligence, handsomeness, and loyalty, making him a remarkable companion. BUT only for someone with the knowledge and desire to let him be himself.
He is looking for a home that has the time, knowledge and patience to allow him to thrive.

Adoptions to NSW ONLY, as laws on keeping dingoes vary between states.

All animals have a 2 week trial period.

Rentals must have written permission for allowance of a dog at the listed application address before applying.

All applications must attach clear photos of the fencing, yard and rental agreement.

Rehoming Organisation Number: R25100090