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Hi, I’m Saint! Im a year old German Shepherd, dashingly handsome ( if I do say so myself) and I could be your new adventure buddy! I’m a very friendly boy inside my home, but if new people approach me outside, I get worried and bark. As a young pup, I didn’t get much socialisation outside of my home, so I’m still learning social cues with other people and dogs. If I feel threatened, I will bark and am hackles will rise up, but I’ve been learning how to navigate these situations- and with the right handler and enough distance to work with, I do just fine passing new dogs and people. If my handler is uncertain, I tend to really feel that so while I’m looking for my new family, someone who has had a working breed like myself, and has had success with working with fear related reactivity would mean the world to me. I do like to go for runs, strolls, and free time, so if you like these things too, I think we would get along!

I can live with other dogs, but like with humans, roommates have to get along well, so proper introductions are a must for me to get my confidence. So far I’ve tended to prefer playful but balanced type of dogs, but I am currently living with an older dog and we get along well but don’t play much. With my new border collie friend, we certainly had a good time, but it was after getting to know each other for a few days.

The adventures I love most are in places where there are other people and dogs, but at a distance I can feel comfortable- so think public parks, sporting fields, wide residential streets, maybe even wide beaches.

I love to cuddle, but I’ve been told that sometimes I can get too worked up, so knowing when is a good time to give pats and when isn’t would really help me.

If you’d like to hear more about me, have your people call my people.

Located in the Newcastle NSW area. No interstate adoptions please

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