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Young Rex found himself in care through no fault of his own or his family, unfortunately family illness made it necessary for Rex to seek out a new home. Rex is only 6 months old, in his short life he has had the benefit of a loving family, puppy school and some guidance from a trainer.

He is crate trained and house trained and loves to snuggle up on your lap whenever he can. Like all of our Tiki dogs Rex must be allowed to sleep inside and socialise with his family when they are home. He has all the basic commands pretty much sorted but will need more lead work, having said that he’s such a clever little man that it won’t take him long at all to perfect that.

Rex is your typical kelpie and is very energetic and full of sass, he is still a little mouthy and needs reminding not to jump up and is constantly trying to round you up. So homes with working dog experience and high activity lifestyles are best suited to this young man!

He loves to play with toys and can amuse himself for ages tossing ropes, balls etc around, anything to keep himself busy, he loves to play tug of war and anything to do with water he is a huge fan of. Rex is in care with both a larger and smaller dog than him and is fine with both.

He could also easily be an only dog as long as he was with a very active family to keep him busy, plenty of walks and adventures is what Rex needs, he would be fine with dog savvy children 5yrs+. He isn’t suitable for kids younger than that due to his love to occasionally round up.

He hasn’t shown himself to be a jumper but we know he could, so at least 6ft fencing would be necessary but rural fencing could be considered for the right home.

Rex is ready to meet his new home now and hopes he doesn’t need to wait too long. His adoption fee is $600 and he’s located in the Raymond Terrace area.
Nsw and Act applications only.
No apartments and rentals MUST be able to provide written permission for a dog upon applying.

Rehoming organisation number: R25100090

For any adoption interest please follow the link below

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