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Every year we find ourselves having to post this to educate the masses.
This can be linked to new additions from a breeder, a rescue or a private rehome. The rules still apply regardless of the age/ history or breed of the dog.

When we rehome dogs we utilise the ability to educate new owners on what the next few days and weeks may look like
Something we call “The rule of 3”

The first 3 days of a new addition home can be scary. We’ve got new sounds, new people, perhaps new animals and a new routine and environment. All of this may lead up to accidents in the house, restless sleep, anxiety barking or the inability to want food or treats. Sometimes it can showcase aggression or guarding issues we didn’t know about.
This time is really sensitive with the understanding that patience will come a long way during this time.

Over the next 3 weeks you’re building a bond with your new addition. Establishing a routine, boundaries and a relationship
But you may experience some of the things listed above still, not all dogs will start to feel comfort around you and your environment yet. Your love may be there but your patience is also going to be needed for them. This time is still crucial and critical to the establishment of your new animal.

After 3 months we should have some sort of relationship built, a trust, a bond and a respectable love. We may have worked out the yes and no issues that each of you have, a routine for where and when to sleep. When and where we walk. What we do and don’t enjoy.
This is where your relationship will continue to flourish, your training will start showing effectiveness and the start of a happy and settled beginning.

Remember though, none of this happens overnight. You can’t expect a new animal to come into your comfort zone and be happy with everything. They may show so many behaviours that weren’t known to anyone previous or even to themselves.
When they’re returned or shuffled around after a matter of days/ hours or even a week. That’s pretty scary for them.

Be patient and be kind.
And most of all, be understanding.

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