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If you’re looking for a little boy who’s a bundle of fun, Nelson is right here !
This funny boy is just a personality of energy, he loves other dogs. Loves to cuddle and kiss anyone he meets. And is searching for a home filled with adventure and fun.

We guess his age is around 2 years and he’s a smaller mixed breed fella, guessing possibly chihuahua/ Boston terrier mixing. Sitting around 8-10kg in size. He would suit a home with another fun playing canine and he isn’t picky with size as long as they want to play and rumble. But he may suit a home being an only pooch who has a human home more often than not and able to keep him well exercised and socialised.

This fella isn’t a little lap dog who is looking for a lower energy life. He wants to be out and about and exploring and a good daily exercise routine will be essential for him. He is quite high energy so needs a home able to fulfil that need.
He shows to be kind to all people so may suit being in a home with some dog savvy kids, we would suggest over the age of 5 to make sure they’re able to interact with his smaller stature nicely.

He has met some cats and was quite curious but friendly with his interactions and he has good inside manners. His new home must allow him inside the home especially at night throughout his life so he can be safe and warm in all weather with his humans.

Nelson shows great social skills with other pooches so would be a good candidate for a dog beach or doggie day care lifestyle.
Nelson is located in the lower hunter valley and his adoption fee is $550. He’s ready to meet you now!
NSW and ACT adoptions only.
Rental homes must have written permission upon applying.


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