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Three legs doesn’t stop this girl exploring the world. Being a typical border collie, Flora still has a bunch of energy and doesn’t let a little thing like a leg missing stop her.
This sensitive girl is looking for an understanding home that can keep her fit and lean, continue her training and socialisation and also provide her with a safe and loving home.
Flora hasn’t been exposed to much prior to arriving into foster care so she is still finding her feet. She has shown to be tolerant of other dogs but doesn’t tend to seek them out for companionship. So would easily suit a home as an only dog with a person who’s home more often than not.
She isn’t suitable to a home with cats/ livestock / pocket pets or poultry and can be a little nervous around boisterous kids so a quiet and calm home with kids over the age of 10 would suit her best.

Flora is seeking a suburban home as she isn’t quite suitable for the rural farm life and a home with fencing 6ft and above would suit her perfect.
Her new home will allow her inside especially at night so she can be close with her family and allowing her to sleep inside is essential.

Since she isn’t overly dog focused we don’t see her wanting to take part in a dog park lifestyle but she may suit doggie play dates with social friends or a scenery walk on the beach or hills.
Her new home will be aware that she may be a little slower with her movements as she is still learning her balance

Flora is ready to start talking to new families and hopes her beauty means she will find a home fast. Her adoption fee is $550. She is located in private foster care in the Lower Hunter Valley and she is roughly 12 months old and a stunning border collie.


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