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Our supporters get to see the constant coming and going of fosters, but not that often get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes work that Tiki does.
Koda’s family could not find a place to live due to the ongoing rental crisis, and had to move back in with family where Koda couldn’t stay.
He was scared out of his mind by the change when he came into care, and a real handful. It took 2 days for him to approach for a pat, 3 days to get a lead on this boy to get him outside, and ongoing work to integrate him into the foster pack and household.
But here he is, after 2 weeks in care, when the mobile vet came for his vaccination. He was perfect, something we could not possibly imagine 2 weeks before.
Since then, we have continued his confidence work, with walks off the property at various public places. Even sitting in the vet waiting room watching people and other dogs come and go, just so he builds confidence and resilience in various situations.
He’s still a challenge in some situations in foster care. And there’s more work to do with him before he could go up for adoption to an experienced owner. But he’s worth it – they all are.

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