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Alfie is a small male kelpie, only 6 months of age who is seeking his forever family. He will remain a small kelpie, a little pocket rocket at only 10kgs and mid shin height. He has settled into foster care well with 3 considerably larger dogs, and is happy to play chase and tug of war or just snooze on the back deck. This little guy loves human affection so will need to be included in the family household where he can receive lots of cuddles and have the ability to sleep inside at night. He also loves meeting new people so taking him out on adventures and building his confidence with new places, people and dogs will be great for his development.

Alfie is a young playful puppy so will benefit from some puppy school to build up his positive experiences with meeting new dogs and to learn basic skills. He’s a smart boy, and loves his food, so he will make for a great training buddy.

Being a kelpie, Alfie will need daily Exercise in the form of a big walk or play date with other dogs and a good game of fetch. Alfie will thrive with a good balance of stimulating games and exercise, along with some relaxing snoozes and cuddles. He’s a confident, happy dog who will slot into a family easily.

Alfie has shown to be fantastic around small children, so we are confident he will make a fantastic companion for families with children of all ages. He loves the company of people, so would suit a family who works part time or those with flexible work hours/shift work. He can either be an only dog in the home if he’s able to have lots of family time, or he can share his home with another doggy friend.
Rehoming organisation number: R251000090

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