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3 days until Christmas.
And today we are showing 3 longer termer girls who found their homes just before Christmas time and get to spend their first Christmas in their brand new surroundings.

Coco waited many months and had a few failed adoptions before finding her feet. Her new family are besotted with her cheeky adventures and amazing personality.

Macy waited for a fair few months for her new perfect match and has instantly bonded to the members of the family. She’s now a Queen in a loving abode.

And Lucy waited a fair few weeks for an active and driven home that could meet her exercise needs and has been welcomed with open arms to her perfect match.

3 beautiful Tiki kids who get to enjoy their new life and journey and we are always so proud and smitten with seeing their new life and adventures.

Today showcases 3 Tiki kids who don’t need to find homes of their own for Christmas. And that’s 3 more that are now safe and loved.

/Tiki job complete!

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