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1 day before Christmas.
And we wanted to showcase a very special boy in foster care who’s waiting for his very special perfect match.
Eric is a sweet natured bull Arab mixture sitting around 40kg in size. He’s young in age just around 1 years old. He shows kindness, love and playfulness with his foster carers and the people he learns to trust. And LOVES other dogs and has shown to be tolerant of dog savvy kitties.

Eric however is nervous with people and being a bigger boy his bark and nervous stature can scare people. He promises he doesn’t mean it.
He is especially scared of tradies and lots of hi vis; with time he has shown to trust his foster dad in his work uniform but anyone else new is scary and must be barked at.

His new home will be with someone kind patient and compassionate. Happy to put some extra work into their new addition.
They’ll have another dog or two who are guiding and playful and accept him for a the big loveable goof that he is.
And a home where he can be predominantly indoors will be essential as he can find outside a little overwhelming.

Eric is crate trained and good inside, he doesn’t counter surf or show any destruction. He would be best suited to dog savvy kids who are confident with dogs and over the age of 20 years.

Eric is one of many dogs similar to this who wait in foster care for that perfect patient match. He’s been waiting a fair few weeks but we always know they’re worth it.

Sometimes looking at the scared ones, the black in coat ones or the ones who are a little hesitant will provide you with the most dedicated best friend around.
We hope someone does that for our Eric

Is that person you?


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