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Sage is around 9 months old and said to be a pug x cattle dog. However we are suspecting some possible sharpei in the mixture as well. Regardless of her breed status, Sage is around 10-12kg in size and is searching for a home comfortable with a dog up to 15kg in adult size.
She has shown to be dog social and shares her foster home with a number of varying dogs. She would do well in a home with another pooch; one that is social and playful as she does love a game of chase.
However she would suit a home as an only dog with someone who’s home a little often than not as she does love some company.

Sage has shown to be good inside; has adjusted to crate training easily and has shown to have good toilet training and leash walking skills.
Her new home will allow her inside especially at night throughout her life and a home with secure and safe fencing is essential. Fencing free from gaps and holes 5ft and over is best suited but she may suit rural fencing for the right applicant.

Sage hasn’t been tested with kids but has shown to be kind with all adults she has met. So dog savvy kids over the age of 5 would suit her well.
She hasn’t been tested with pocket pets or poultry so we aren’t too sure on her reactions to these. But she has met cats and was a little too curious on them so is best suited to a home without these.

Sage is looking for someone with a decent exercise schedule as she loves a run around and enjoys burning her energy. So she isn’t searching for a lazy lap dog lifestyle.
Sage is located in the lower hunter valley and her adoption fee is $600. She is ready to leave for her new home as of the weekend of the 8/9th January.
Nsw or act applications only.
Rental homes must have written permission for a dog at the listed address


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