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Regional Pound Rescue Challenge

Happy girl Gemima is one of our dogs taking part in our partnership rescue challenge with SavourLife, Petbarn and City Farmers for the month of February.

This fantastic collaboration is showcasing the need to continue rescuing dogs from rural and regional pounds.
Because of the ability to save from these areas, Gemima didn’t have to give birth roaming the streets alone. She didn’t have to face the dangers of a newborn helping litter without the ability to access necessary warmth, food and comfort.
Because of this; herself and her puppies have been smothered with love.

Savourlife have backed this initiative with donating $100,000 to 20 partnered rescues with the Petbarn Foundation matching this donation if you go out and buy some of the fantastic Savourlife food.
So come on everyone, Get Shopping and help spread the word


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