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Regional Pound Rescue Challenge

Jesse a beautiful over bred kelpie girl is one of our amazing rural pound saves for our February partnership with SavourLife, Petbarn and City Farmers.
She isn’t yet available for adoption but she will be very soon; so keep those eyes peeled for her Savourlife adopt a dog profile link.

What you see in the photos is some of the things we battle behind the scenes.
Day 1 in care we were battling some severe flea dermatitis, hair loss and poor skin condition.
Around 12 days later the improvement whilst in foster care can be seen already. And we know she feels so much more relief with her improving skin.

Throughout the month of February, you can help Petbarn hit their Savourlife food sale goals and donate $5000 to each rescue group that participated in this rural rescue challenge.
Without the help of these donators, we wouldn’t be able to continue providing high care to all of our foster dogs and like Jesse, be able to improve the quality of life these dogs may not have been accustomed to before being saved.


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