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Regional Pound Rescue Challenge

A few weeks ago the team saw a Facebook post about a lost dog at Muswellbrook pound.
A senior nonetheless.
Grey as can be.
Lost and unsure looking.
And we knew we had to help.

A few emails and calls later, and it was determined that the rest of his 3 week impound time (since he was microchipped) was to be spent in the safety and warmth of foster care instead of in the pound kennels.

The impound time passed and Albert; as he has now been named was declared unreclaimed and would start his new life within Tiki’s care.

See; Albert is an 18 year old chihuahua x.
Suffering from some old age ailments.
Searching for his final retirement place.
He slotted into foster care easily; cherishing his rest time. Fresh air. Fresh meals. Inside sleeping and comfortable new schedule. Safe and adored like his days are meant to be.

So we are happy to announce that although Albert is number 9 of our challenge and collaborative effort with SavourLife, Petbarn and City Farmers.

He has been FOSTER FAILED and will spend the remaining days; hopefully many months of not years within the safety of the Tiki sanctuary.


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