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Regional Pound Rescue Challenge

Rescue is; sharing duties

Gemima is one of our journey dogs.
A young mum who was found wandering the streets absolutely covered in ticks, heavily pregnant and very desperate to find a safe space for her upcoming litter.
She’s only estimated to be a baby herself around 10-12 months of age. Likely her first heat produced a litter of chunky and chubby puppies.

Gemima being so young has adored sharing her foster home with another playful girl who has taken on step mothering duties; sharing the loving and caring responsibilities.

We don’t know what type of life Gemima had before she arrived into care. Whether it was filled with just wandering the streets or if she did have a home waiting for her once she had explored for the day.
One thing is; we will never know what.
But we do know she shows so much kindness to all the people she has met so far. Although she is sick of her now 4 week old puppies she still feeds them and looks for them when they get lost in their little pen.

The days are counting down until Gemima starts her own search for a home.


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