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8 weeks ago we took in Toby. A wandering stray with no background, emaciated beyond belief, riddled with fleas, wobbly on his feet and around the age of 14 years.
He walked into foster care and was deemed palliative after being diagnosed with kidney failure.
We were told.
Keep him content. Keep him fed. Make sure he knows love until the end.
And thats what we did.

We watched this beautiful neglected soul enjoy the simple comforts our dogs take for granted.
Twice daily fresh food meals.
Twice daily strolls along the acreage paddocks.
Pats, kisses and cuddles whenever they strolled past.
And most importantly comfortable indoor sleeping at all times to regenerate our old bodies.

Last night our handsome boy; although always unsteady on his feet showed a decline that made us uncertain. With a few hours of monitoring and a few vet calls. We knew he was telling us it was time and we knew if we didn’t let him go ourselves that he would pass when no one was watching. And we couldn’t bare have that happen.

At around 840pm last night Toby was surrounded by the love of his foster parents.
The warmth of being wrapped up and the gentle and kind words as he passed knowing he was going to be met with so many others that have taken that journey before him.
Run free beautiful boy.
What a blessing those 8 weeks with you were and we hope you have fond memories of it as well.

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