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Mo is a sweet-natured 4 month old mixed breed puppy, looking for his forever home. He was found in regional bushland along with some other pups of similar age and relies on the company of other dogs to keep him happy, playful and content.
It is for this reason that we are looking for a home with an existing dog/dogs to provide Mo with that canine companionship that he is so familiar with and that will help guide him through the next chapter of his life.
Mo will be a mediumsize dog, currently 14kgs in size. He is thriving in foster care and his fun, loving personality is developing more and more each day. He absolutely adores dogs whether they be small, medium or large and will share his toys and bed without hesitation. He spends his days playing nonstop with the other dogs in his foster home, and then taking the occasional nap cuddled up alongside them. Mo’s happy place is right alongside his doggy siblings so he wouldn’t suit being an only dog in his new home.
This sweet little man is also proving to be a quick learner and loves his toys. He likes to sit and calmly observe the world go by. His carers were so impressed when some builders started working on scaffolding at the house nextdoor and Mo chose to sit quietly and observe their work without a bark or lick of concern. Mo has also met loads of new people whilst in foster care and is becoming more and more confident to come up and say a happy hello to new faces and receive a pat or two. Mo is a breeze to have in the home, he doesn’t chew anything he isn’t supposed to, he can self-settle and relax on his bed, he comes when called, sits for food, and will scoot in beside you on the couch for some evening cuddles. Everyday that goes by, Mo is becoming more loving, affectionate and relaxed in the home and with new people. To top it off, this young man is fully crate trained and toilet trained so he can sleep in a crate or on a dog bed in the home with no issues. He has also shown to be a happy and content dog when his humans have to leave the house, he doesn’t have any separation issues as long as he has his doggy friends with him.
Mo will thrive being taken to puppy and adolescent classes which will expose him to new people and exciting new doggy friends, whilst learning great skills too. He hasn’t yet had exposure to young children so we recommend families with older kids that can be slower on the approach, to help build Mo’s confidence.
Mojito is located in the Newcastle area and is available for NSW or ACT adoption only. His adoption fee is $650 and he’s ready to meet you now.


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