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They’re ready to start meeting their new families. Is it you ?
Born into care, these guys have had the best from the very start. With doting foster parents, a loving mum and even a loving step doggy mum. These guys are ready to start finding their perfect loving matches.

Ready to leave for their new homes in a few weeks, these mixed breed babies are expecting to be large in size. Their mum is around 21kg but their dad unknown. Their mix being a complete “Tiki special”. So new families are expecting to being to an unknown adult size that’ll definitely be over 25kg fully grown.
We have 2 beautiful girls and 4 handsome boys ready for their perfect matches. They all love to play, cuddle and eat lots of snacks. Their new homes will be inclusive in both their family environment and outer world environment; exposing these guys to ongoing training and socialisation to be the best pooches around.

Families that allow them inside especially at night throughout puppyhood and life is essential. Homes with secure and safe fencing 5ft and above; free from gaps and holes. Rural fencing will be accepted for the right set ups and homes.

These guys have been exposed to dog savvy kids from the very start so homes with confident and dog savvy kids will be accepted but due to their puppy like nature we would recommend kids over the age of 3 years for the best suitability.
Homes with other animals like livestock and cats etc will be accepted as long as homes are willing to put in the time and effort for training and co existing.

We will accept homes both with and without existing dogs, but won’t be searching for homes as only dogs if owners are working 10+ hours daily away from the house.
These pups are available for adoption in the NSW and ACT areas only. No interstate adoption accepted.
We won’t be searching for apartment homes for these guys either and ALL rental homes must have up to date written permission for the allowance of a dog at the listed address.

Their adoption fee is $650 each and they’re located in the Newcastle NSW area.

Rehoming organisation number: R251000090

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