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Behind the scenes at Tiki:
Shane is sleeping soundly tonight after a torrid couple of weeks.
Found lost and starving in the bush, this poor boy went into a regional pound but was far too scared and far too unwell to stay in the pound for his impound period. So he came to Tiki under duty of care.
But he still wouldn’t eat, or would vomit when he did. His intestines were blocked by a corn cob the poor boy had scavenged when starving in the bush, and his electrolytes were way out.
An emergency operation and two days on fluids at the vets, Shane is back in foster care and gaining weight.
Today Shane finished his duty of care period and officially became a Tiki dog. We think that’s why he’s smiling, don’t you?
At this rate he’ll be ready for adoption in the next week or so.

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