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Life before foster care was rough for Eric, after being tormented by tradies he developed fears with new people. Especially men in hi vis work gear.
Months and months have passed and this boy has made leaps and bounds with his adjustments and his openness to showcasing his loving and nurturing personality.

Eric’s favourite person is his foster dad, who he welcomes lovingly in work boots and hi vis work gear. But Eric is searching for someone committed to helping his adjust to a new home, a new environment and a new routine. Someone patient that understands that he may shut down, bark or close up when he’s in a new home until he finds his new comfort.

Eric is searching for a home with another confident dog who can help guide him. He seeks comfort in other dogs to understand new environments and spaces. And he’s great with all sizes of dogs and will play accordingly to them all.

He’s a fantastic dog inside, perfectly toilet trained, non destructive and crate trained happily. He shows no food aggression issues or any resource guarding to toys or areas.
He doesn’t show any escaping or jumping abilities and travels nicely in the car.

His previous owners said he was good with kids and seemed out their innocent and loving hands. But we haven’t been able to test that in foster care so we would still suggest dog savvy kids who are confident with his 38/40kg sizing.

Eric has met cats whilst in care and didn’t show a need to chase them. So he may suit living with a cat. And he’s even met poultry through fencing and goats up close with no reactions.

His new home will be of a quieter setting, rural or semi rural or a very quiet neighbourhood. He isn’t suited to a busy city lifestyle. Or apartment living.
This gentle boy is just looking for a loving chance with someone patient, kind and understanding who is happy to help him over the hiccups of settling.

Eric is located in the lower hunter valley NSW and his adoption fee is $550. He is a handsome bull Arab mix who turns 2 in June this year


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