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Nala is a gorgeous 4 y.o. Neapolitan mastiff cross girl, who has been surrendered into rescue due to the rental crisis afflicting so many at the moment.
She is a soft, gentle girl, despite weighing in at about 50kg. She was a little daunted at first by her new surroundings and all the bigger dogs in her foster home, but within a couple of days and with encouragement from fellow mastiff Stan, she’s settled right in with the gang. She soon found her independence and mingles with the whole foster pack.
Her foster carers have tested her in social situations outside the foster home, and she has been a gem.
Nala is social with large, giant and kelpie-sized dogs, but is not tested with small dogs, cats or pocket pets. She would really thrive in a quiet home with a friendly canine companion, or as an only dog with regular outings and socialisation.
Being a larger (not tubby), middle-aged lady, regular gentle exercise and a good quality diet would be good for her ongoing health, though nothing too strenuous so she doesn’t stress her joints. A daily walk and exploration to keep her mind and body active. She loves a car ride and jumps into the car without assistance.
Secure, solid fencing is a must. Nala is not a big jumper, but does have the strength to test weak fencing.
Nala is looking for a kind home, who can be patient with her if it takes a few days initially to come up to you for pats.
Nala has met dog-savvy kids and could suit a family with children over 7 who understand proper interactions. Boisterous kids might intimidate her, as true to breed she is a loving and sensitive soul.
Yes there will sometimes be drool. If this is a turn-off, we suggest she’s not the girl for you. But for those who love the Neo mastiff breed, it just goes with the territory.
Nala is such a sweetie. She’s going to make someone smile. A lot.
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