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Hi I’m Suzie, a quiet, reserved little lady… with humans, but not my furry doggo friends! Once I’m sure we can play, then let’s get to it 😊 I’m a Greyhound x Staffy and around 12 months of age, I’m a little shy meeting new people, but am getting better. I’m quite loyal and loving once I get to know you and love a good ear rub and snuggle. I’ve lived with a pack of 8 dogs, but am currently in care with an extended family of 5 adults and 3 other fur siblings. I love spending my day running around the property with my friends and curling up on my bed inside with my host doggy sister of a night-time. My new home has to get me out and about and let me stretch my legs every day for a walk and let me have a nice warm bed to sleep on inside of a night with my new family. I’ve lived with a 6yo and teenager, so I like kids. I’ve not met any cats or pocket pets, so I’m not sure how I would go with them as I’m currently on a property where there are rabbits and other critters to be chased. I’ve seen some horses while here too. I walk well on a lead and have good manners, but continued training will help me remember how to behave.


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