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Searching for something extra special.
Mary is a 14 year old tiny framed chihuahua with a grade 4-6 heart murmur. She is currently recovering from a desexing due to experiencing pyometra (infection of the uterus).
Mary is searching for a calm natured palliative home, one that can provide her with an inside home with no young children. She is searching for an owner who is home most of the time or very often doesn’t leave her alone as she does fret when alone for too long which causes large strain on her heart.

She doesn’t require an exercise schedule but does love some outside time to sniff around and sun bake.
She is searching for a lap to cuddle on, and an owner confident with handling her for daily medication twice daily both in her food and in her eyes.

Mary isn’t bothered with sharing her home with another dog however she wouldn’t suit a dog who wants to play with her. She could easily be an only dog as she truly just craves people.
A kind natured, calming and loving home is required as we have been told Mary may only have 9-12 months left (we are hoping for more of course).

She would do best in a home that is able to still access our network of vet clinics if she requires ongoing medication or examinations. So a home within the Sydney/ central coast and hunter regions would best suit however we are happy to make exceptions for the perfect candidate.

If you have the love, patience and set up for this sweet little girl. Please flick us a message so we can chat further. We are hoping she finds something very soon!

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