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Coco is biggest out of her siblings with a chunky milk belly. She shows to be fairly confident and curious and doesn’t like to be left out if something’s happening around her.

Always the first to run to the door when her foster carer goes in their room & chats away at human attention.
Happy to be picked up and cuddled. Enjoys playing with toys, especially the cat station/climber, cat tunnel and toys that move ie balls, spinner toys etc. Has just started to get a taste of solids and is loving the taste of real food!

Coco is coming to 6 weeks of age and is ready to start meeting her new family. Not ready to leave the nest until 10 weeks of age.
Located in the Lake Macquarie area, she is searching for a NSW or ACT based household.

Indoor homes are the best fit for this little gem, or homes that have the inclusion of outdoor cst enclosures for safe exposure and exploration of the outside world and surroundings.
Being so young she should be able to adjust to homes with other cats/ other animals and animal savvy kids.

Coco is hoping she doesn’t have to wait too long to find her perfect match.


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