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Times are tough right now. Rescue hasn’t experienced a time like this before.
Adoptions are the slowest we have ever seen in the almost 8 years we have operated.
Surrenders are at the highest peak and pounds are desperately calling needing help with their capacity being reached so fast.

Right now, our animal numbers in care may not seem like much, but we are only a team of merely a handful now.
We have dogs who have been in care for over 12 months, coming up to 12 months or for 6 months. With adoptions averaging 12-16 weeks of a dog in care before being adopted.

Two puppies left in our litter of hand raised 7. With no applications pending for either boy. Bary pictured below being one of them.

Long term dogs who are nervous with people struggling to even have a glimpse of notice.
If you’re searching for a new family member, please think of the long term dogs in care.
The rescues who are struggling for space.
A pup that’s a little older than 8 weeks old but still as cuddly friendly and loving.

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