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Dakota is a 6 month old medium sized boxer mix female, who has a very loving and affectionate personality and loves cuddles with her humans and other dogs. She loves companionship, constantly initiating play with the other dogs she is living with in foster care.

With a bouncy, energetic and fun personality, she is a delight to have around and her favourite game is fetch! Dakota would love a home where she is included in the family, allowed to cuddle on the couch and sleep inside.

She needs a good walk each day to keep her mind and body happy and healthy and a home with another existing dog is essential. She’s not just super adorable, she’s also super smart and has already mastered basic commands such as sit, lay down, stay and is even very polite when taking treats. Dakota will make a beautiful, fun and loving addition to a household.

She hasn’t shown any issues with fencing so standard 5ft fencing or over would be best suited but rural fencing for the right applicant will be accepted. She hasn’t met any cats, pocket pets or livestock but with slow introductions she may do well. We would also recommend dog savvy kids who want a playful dog but are okay with her bouncy happy go lucky nature.

Dakota is ready to meet her new family now and she is located in the Newcastle area. Her adoption fee is $550 and she’s hoping to meet you very soon.

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