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Nahla, the smallest of the babies. She isn’t as big of a feeder like her two siblings so she can be a little more playful than them.
Independent & quite playful in nature and is learning to love cuddles, She can be a little unsure of being picked up too often but with time we think she’ll adjust.
Loves to stir up her siblings and be a little cheeky. Always likes to stir her siblings up, bite their tails and wrestle with them.
Starting to be more confident and is now running to greet her carer when she gets home.

Nahla is ready to start meeting her perfect match but can’t leave the nest quite yet. Looking for an indoor home or access to an outside cat enclosure is required.
Being so young she should adjust to animal savvy kids, other animals including cats.

Located in the Lake Macquarie NSW area and is suitable for NSW and ACT adoptions. We hope this little beautiful girl doesn’t have to wait too long for her perfect match


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