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I’m ready! I’ve raised 7 beautiful puppies and now it’s my time.

The beautiful Maya has not had a chance to be a puppy, until she came into care she never knew what it was like to have a warm bed and a fresh meal but she’s adjusted amazingly well and will never have to worry about that again.

She had already had a litter before arriving and was pregnant again on arrival so in her two short years of life she’s been through a lot. She’s showing she loves to play and is fantastic at fetch already. She is great to walk and really loves to get out and about, she’s still a little nervous but is getting braver daily, the same with car rides.

Maya’s obviously never been an inside girl before and it’s been pretty scary for her but she’s getting the hang of it, she is crate trained and pretty well toilet trained. Maya is the biggest snuggle bug and love, love, loves her humans. She is however a bit of a dominant girl with other dogs and would be a great only dog or if you have just one other dog they would need to be of a submissive nature.
She gets along fine with other dogs but likes to be in control and doesn’t like to be bothered by them. She’s happy to share space but dogs who are looking for a play mate or want to be surrounded by dog love aren’t her vibe.
When she’s out and about Maya does not like other dogs coming up to her, more fear than anything else but she is definitely not suited to off leash dog areas just daily walks or runs with her person would be perfect.
She’s not met any cats in care but she has free ranged with some horses and was calm. This lovely girl is ready to fall in love and will make some very lucky family very happy if they take a chance on her.

Located in Raymond Terrace she is ready to start meeting her match. She’s a sweet cattle x medium sized girl around 2 years of age. Her adoption fee is $500 and she hopes she doesn’t have to wait too long.


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