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Introducing the adorable 9 week old Macy. This little sweetheart is ready to find her forever home. Macy is a mixed breed puppy who is currently safe and warm in foster care but desperately wants to find herself a family to call her own. She currently weighs 7kgs and can easily be scooped up for cuddles and kisses; which are her absolute favourite!

Macy deserves a loving, fun family who are eager to bring a puppy home and create a fantastic environment for Macy to grow up in. A family who will include her in family activities, allow her to sleep inside and give her the best start to life. She needs this family to take her to puppy classes and follow through with obedience training to ensure she is given the best opportunity to meet new people and interact with other dogs of all shapes and sizes.
Macy loves to play and her favourite game is tug of war. She sleeps indoors throughout the night beautifully and has almost completely mastered her toilet training. She is a confident puppy, happy to meet new people and explore new things. She is ready to take on the world with a confident, vivacious personality.

It is our estimate that she will grow to be a medium size dog. Although we don’t know exactly what breed mixture Macy is, it is safe to say she is a gorgeous, loving puppy that at such a young age, will thrive in a family where she can learn and grow with.
Macy is currently experiencing the puppy teething stage and will continue to do so for the next few months. Therefore her new family members will need to be patient and use positive distraction and redirect her to toys. This may be a consideration for families with young children.
Macy is located in the Newcastle area and is available to leave for her new home at 10 weeks of age. Her adoption fee is $650 and she’s hoping she doesn’t need to wait too long!


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