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5 days until Christmas
And showcasing one of our most handsome and one of our longest termers. Eric has been in foster care for 15 months now and looks like he might be spending his second Christmas with his foster family.
A beautiful natured boy who’s had a terrible trauma causing a fear in people when first meeting. This handsome fella doesn’t mean to be intimidating when he barks; he just doesn’t know how else to communicate.

But what he does bring is just fantastic social skills with all types of dogs regardless of their age and size. He is wonderful and gentle with all.
He loves his foster family and shows them the true him. And we know he can show someone else this if they were kind and patient with him whilst he adjusted. He doesn’t show any aggression to people; he just has a loud bark but you can see he just fears that someone will hurt him again.

Eric is 2.5 years old now and a handsome 40 odd kilo bull Arab mix. Beautifully natured inside. Well crate trained. Solid basic obedience and toilet training. Well toilet trained and good with food.
He isn’t destructive.

His perfect match will have another confident dog in the home. Maybe more than 1 dog so they can help him understand his new family are safe.
He would do best in a more quiet natured area so no high traffic or city areas please.
And a home that allows him to be inside a lot would be great as he loves a lounge to snuggle up on.

Eric is very ready to meet his match and is located in the lower hunter valley NSW. His adoption fee has been reduced to $300 to hopefully help him find his match


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