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All rescues right now will be advertising right now how hard it is to get adoptions and that the pour in of surrender requests and pound requests is large.
We have 14 dogs in our care right now who are ready to jump ship and start their new life with families who will love and care for them.
We have dogs who would love to be the light of their families life as only dogs.
Dogs who can share with other dogs of various sizes.
Dogs who have lived with kids.
Some seniors wanting peace and quiet and a calm loving life.
Dogs who adore the beach. Some who love to play fetch. Some that want a family to run with or ones who just wanna snooze on the couch and have a cuddle.

What we don’t have, like many other rescues is people looking to adopt. Families who are happy to take on the ones who need a little more time. Or an outpour of families who aren’t going to give up after 12/24/30 hours.

These 14 are all safe in foster care, they’re lucky to be fed and warm. Get the feeling of a home and a family whilst they wait. However our ability to save any new dogs is almost at a standstill.
The feeling of not being able to save any others because we have so many waiting is heart breaking.
If you’re looking to adopt please reach out, and if you aren’t in a position to adopt; please share to get these many faces out to the wider public.

Rehoming organisation number: R251000090

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