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Growing old in foster care isn’t great.
Murphy has been in foster care for 2 years now.
And has grown older and a little more stiff during that time.
He’s watched other dogs find their forever home and he truly does believe his foster home is his home. But sadly; as loved as he is. That’s not his final destination.

Murphy is now 7 years old and for a 40 kilo fella; he’s getting classified as a senior. The winter cold makes him a little more stiff although we have the wonderful help of daily Antinol and daily physio to make sure his joints continue to be okay.

He’s searching for a home that is happy to take him on, and provide him security and love for the rest of his time. He wouldn’t mind sharing his home with another dog, and shows to be good with others. He’s best suited to no feline friends or pocket pets and has only met livestock and poultry briefly but contained behind fencing and he showed to be okay.

He’s met some kids in his time and shown to be good natured but may forget how big he is when he leans on you for a cuddle.

Murphy is waiting.
Are you the one he’s been waiting for?


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