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Here at Tiki we save from rural pounds, as well as local ones, and try to fit in some surrenders as well. This is a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the massive group effort that rescue requires.
Vincent – now Django, pictured here on the first day in his new home – was a stray at an outback pound, and found his new family over 10 hours away on the Central Coast.
There is a long chain of people to thank who helped that happen:
– Thank you to the staff at the outback NSW council pound who kept him safe until he could go to rescue.
– Thank you to Rural Outback Animal Respite/Rescue at Cobar, who rescued him from the pound and cared for him until a rescue group and transport could be arranged for him.
– Thank you to RURAL POUND AID and its donors for pledging money towards his transport to Tki.
– Thank you to SavourLife for pledging extra money which covered his routine vet work (much appreciated, especially as he needed extra vet tests after a health scare).
– Thank you to Transpaws for transporting him from Cobar to the Hunter, where Tiki’s carers could meet transport to bring him into care.
– Thank you to Terrigal Vet Hospital for taking such good care of him, and for fitting us in at short notice.
– And finally thank you to his adopting family for adopting him and making him a part of their family.
So, when Tiki “saves” a dog, especially one from a rural facility, it’s not just us. There is a whole community behind it.

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