Tim Tam & the "Biscuits" Litter

Tim Tam and his siblings were unknowingly exposed to Parvovirus just prior to arriving in care. Parvovirus (or “Parvo”) is very deadly to young puppies, with a mortality rate over 80%, even when caught early.

By the time Tim Tam, Vovo, Monte and Kingston arrived in care, we had been made aware of the Parvo threat to them. We were able to immediately isolate them and start preventative measures. Measures such as barrier nursing, strict quarantine and cleaning practices, herbal immune system supplements and a range of other treatments to help them fight this deadly virus, should they come down with it.

On day 10 in care, little Tim Tam seemed a bit “flat”. He didn’t want to eat at their next feeding time, and immediately we knew there was a problem. He was rushed straight to the vet, who confirmed our worst fears, he was positive for Parvo!

Tim Tam1

Tim Tam has been in care with the wonderful team at a local vet since Saturday 1/11/19. He is doing as well as can be expected, but still not eating much and definitely not out of the woods.

Our amazing carers are very much on edge, keeping a constant eye on Kingston, Monte and Vovo for any signs of Parvo. Although they are still in care and eating and playing happily, this can change at any minute.

Any donations towards this beautiful litter will go towards their ongoing care, in and out of the Vet. It is costing money every day that Tim Tam is at the vet, and every supplement, cleaning product, linen, toys and more that the remaining pups require for home care.

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